Color Explosion in Amanda Uprichard for Gwynnie Bee

I get really excited when Gwynnie Bee has a designer collaboration. As someone who has been plus size for as long as I can remember, I’m used to looking at a designer and just assuming it’s not available in my size. Then, if it is in my size, I rush to buy it and usually have buyers remorse and it’s too late to return it. Thus the excitement over this Amanda Uprichard for Gwynnie Bee collection. I got to try it and either wear a few times and send back, or purchase for keeps.

Amanda Uprichard Dress c/o my Gwynnie Bee subscription
(learn about GB and see over 160 of my looks here. Try it FREE for 30 days!)
Apt. 9 Cardigan from Kohl’s
Belt super old from Lane Bryant
Bag c/o GiGi New York
Shoes (that yes, are way too big and now out of my rotation) are super old from Lane Bryant

This is me trying to pretend it wasn’t 30 degrees and windy when I was shooting this. 

Amanda Uprichard’s designs are known for being confident, feminine, and wearable at the same time. This dress definitely meets those descriptions. It’s a really comfortable material and has a fun tulip wrap bottom. The top is sleeveless so you can wear it alone or with any jacket or cardigan.

I also wanted to take a brief moment to talk about this lipstick I’m wearing, because it’s amazing. I am always hesitant to review MLM products (like Lularoe, Pampered Chef, etc), not that they’re bad, but everyone and their mother ends up bombarding with messages and party invites. I just like the opportunity to try things without pressure. My friend Sarah sent me this LipSense, even after I hesitated. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s this lipstick that doesn’t come off. And when I mean it doesn’t come off, I mean for hours and hours and hours. I’ve put it on at 9am and woken up the next day with some still left. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, I’ve since ordered some from her, because I usually can’t keep lipstick on for more than 2 hours (because I drink #allthecoffee.) This is Razzberry, which is a bright hot pink. You can find more about all of it in Sarah’s Facebook Group. (And no, not an ad and I don’t get a cut!)

I think I’m going to hang onto this Gwynnie Bee dress for a while, and send it back after a few wears. The beauty of the subscription – never committed to any item if you don’t want it forever!!

Get your 30 day free trial to Gwynnie Bee here. If you don’t like it, simply cancel online before the 30 days is up and return any garments to them. If nothing else, you get free clothes to wear for a month!

Photos by Emily Moseley

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